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Get exciting deals on ADSS And OFC Accessories, Transmission Line Accessories, Eye Bolt Hook Type and a lot more quality assured items.

NFC Suspension Clamp, Compression Type, Suspension Clamp For Earthwire, T Connector For Earthwire etc., all produced by the industry leader MM Power Line Transmission. We design, develop, and manufacture complete lines of transmission line hardware as well as solutions that are specifically tailored to the requirements of global electric power networks. The goal of our company, which was founded in 2014, is to provide the utility industry with durable, reasonably priced pole line/tower line gear.

Our core principles serve as the inspiration for our workforce, and they include providing excellent services, innovative solutions, high-quality products, and accomplishing all of this at an incredible value. Deliver trustworthy goods and services with high functional integrity, guaranteeing the steady, secure, and timely flow of electrical power and communication signals while keeping environmental, hygienic, and safety standards.

The supplied product range is produced using premium raw materials and cutting-edge technology in compliance with predefined industrial quality requirements. Under the supervision of our mentor and MD, Mr. Pradip Munka (Partner), large orders from our clients have been executed in the allotted time frame.

Our Brands 

TATA Power-DDL, Torent Power, Adani Renewals, etc. are the brand names under which we supply our products.

Footprints & Philosophy

As one of the largest integrated manufacturers of Compression Type, NFC Suspension Clamp, T Connector For Earthwire, Suspension Clamp For Earthwire, etc., MMPT has achieved success by consistently producing high-quality goods.

At MMPT, effective communication is essential. Whenever we interact with customers, we maintain an open and honest mind set. Instead than trying to sell our products to consumers, our main goal is to educate them so they are well-informed before making a significant purchase.


With the required manufacturing and testing skills, we are a certified company with a sizable space of more than 23,000 square feet.

Management Corner

Our company is managed by our seasoned managing director, who has spent more than 30 years of his life working in this industry. Under his direction, we were able to supply high-quality goods to our clients.

Environmental Responsibility

The concept of environmental responsibility holds that companies should act in a way that is as environmentally friendly as is practical. This is one of the most prevalent instances of corporate social responsibility. In a number of ways, our companies work to uphold environmental responsibility:

  • Reducing risky behaviour such as pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, the use of single-use plastics, water use, and waste creation in general.
  • Reducing energy use by utilizing recyclables, sustainable resources, and renewable energy sources more.
  • Eliminate negative environmental effects through funding research, planting trees, and contributing to groups that promote related issues.


As responsible corporate citizens, we place a lot of emphasis on cooperating with neighborhood communities and honoring their traditions and customs. Our intensive stakeholder engagements build synergies with the local community and administration in addition to garnering crucial support.

In order to ensure the general growth of the community in which it operates, governance engages in a variety of tasks. These programmes seek to improve community members lives and aid them in creating sustainable futures.


Trust: An efficient business is one that is operated well. At MM Power Line Transmission, we have complete faith in both our customers and our reliable, skilled staff.

Giving all with each transaction will increase your chances of getting positive feedback and repeat business from our valued client. This is what it means to care at work. Our team members are dedicated to nurturing and caring for our clients in order to assure their pleasure. We provide services up until that point, coordinating manufacture and logistics till they reach our clients doorsteps.

Collective Responsibility: We support taking responsibility for the good, the terrible, and the ugly as a group. The entire team is in charge of the business, and while account managers represent the organization when engaging with specific clients, our success is largely dependent on our ability to work together as a team.

Our office design and layout reflect our ethos of encouraging accessibility, openness, transparency, and cooperation through a "no door" mentality. In a non-hierarchical society, everyone is free to express themselves.
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